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The new Lux Series

  • 3015
  • 4020
  • 6020
  • 8020
  • 12030

Jordi represents reliability and quality. The requirement that we set ourselves is implemented in our manufacturing processes and in our employees.

With Jordi, you will have the best laser cutting technology in your hand. We are experts in laser cutting machines and with our LUX SERIES you will discover a new working way.

Our loyalty with the innovation gives our machine maximum competitiveness in market, overcoming any challenge.

Frontal de la Lux Series 6020 Frontal de la Lux Series 6020

Technical features

Floating optics

The LUX SERIES works with floating optics. With the floating optics, the sheet stays in the machine cassette holder and the laser head moves in X and Y directions.

This kind of construction allows high acceleration rates (2G) and, in conjunction with an absolute direct measuring system, it guarantees the maximum pressure of the components geometry.

Sectioned cameras systems

The LUX SERIES counts with sectioned cameras systems that cleans dust and particles in suspension during the cutting process. In this way, the maximum precision in cutting results is guaranteed, as well as cleaning tasks are easier and minimized.

Pinion rack

The LUX SERIES have a high-speed Wittenstein rack and pinion system. It allows linear motor machine speeds, saving the deterioration of dirt of the latter (SP + 2G, 280m / min combined speed).

Protection cabin with accesses

Our LUX SERIES laser cutting center has lateral accesses (on one side blinds and on the other a side door) to get inside the machine in an easier and safer way.

Thanks to them, maintenance and cleaning tasks are easier. In addition, it is not necessary to disassemble it, avoiding any kind of deterioration of the pieces.

Automatic table changing system

Our LUX SERIES has an automatic table change system connected with Gantry servomotors, which makes easier parts and sheets loading and unloading.

With the LUX SERIES, you can even have the possibility of mounting an automatic loading and unloading tower, so the process can be even more automated.


  • After-sales service

    The LUX SERIES has an excellent and unbeatable after-sales service. You don´t have to worry about its proper functioning. You will have a 24 months warranty on the whole machine. The resonator has an exclusive extension of 12 months, 36 for it.

  • Speed ​​and precision

    We perfectly know the musts for our clients and we want to provide them with the best service and benefits for their companies. We care about our services in record time. In a maximum of 60 days, your LUX SERIES will be wherever you want.

  • Personalization

    Have you ever thought about having a LUX SERIES with your company logo? That moment has arrived. Check for our customization options.

Technical information

LUX SERIES 3015 4020 6020 8020 12030
Working area 3100 x 1550 4100 x 2100 6100 x 2100 8100 x 2100 12000 x 3100
Speed X 170 m / Min 110m / Min
Speed Y 220 m / Min 110m / Min
Combined speed 280 m / Min 155m / Min
Tolerance position 0,02 mm
Repetitivity 0,02 mm
Max. load 2.000 kg 3.500 kg 5.000 kg 7.500 kg 16.500 kg
Power From 2 Kw to 12 Kw
Height 2500 mm 2900 mm
Long 9000 mm 10500 mm 13250 mm 16000 mm 32000 mm
Width 5000 mm 5800 mm 5800 mm 5800 mm 7500 mm
Height 12500 kg 19200 kg 24000 kg 29000 kg 36000 kg
LUX SERIES 3015 4020 6020 8020 12030
Working area 122 x 61 161 x 82 240 x 82 318 x 82 472,50 x 122
Speed X 6,690 In / Min 4,330 In / Min
Speed Y 8,660 In / Min 4,330 In / Min
Combined speed 10,630 In / Min 6,100 In / Min
Tolerance position 0.000787 In
Repetitivity 0.000787 In
Max. load 4,410 Lbs 7,715 Lbs 11,020 Lbs 16,530 Lbs 36,375 Lbs
Power From 2 Kw to 12 Kw
  • CNC Esautomotion 660 PC TOUCH
  • Display 19” TFT LCD, SXGA-1280×1024
    • 2GHz CPU, AMD Embedded GX-420CA.
    • Windows 10 Ultimate.
    • Up to 31 axes in 10 different channels.
    • 20GB HDD (Sata).
    • 4 x USB 2.0.
  • Connection of peripherals through EtherCat.
  • Integrated diagnostic system with Telecare.
  • LANTEK-Expert CUT-PLUS software (Automatic Nesting and Cutting System).
  • Precitec Pro-Cutter head with AutoFocus and capacitive sensor for contour tracking and constant height control.

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